The CrEATe Oil Vision

World-class education. High-quality, fun experiences.

Redefining The “Edible”

Our mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and communal way to enjoy these plant-based products in the privacy and comfort of your home.

With our delicious recipes and high-quality oils, CrEATe proudly aspires to change the public perception of cannabis and to elevate cooking with it to the realm of accepted and respected culinary techniques.

Prioritizing Education

CrEATe Oil aims to focus above all on education, using ethical and transparent practices to dispel the common myths and misconceptions traditionally associated with cannabis.

Through education on the myriad positive effects of cannabis, we hope to foster the understanding of culinary uses as the healthiest way to consume cannabis and to aid you in embarking on a journey toward a transformative culinary experience.



Get Started With Your Transformative Culinary Cannabis Experience Now!

Offering High-Quality, Lab-Tested Oil

We work with cannabis growers dedicated to their craft. Over the years, each has developed impeccable standards and sustainable practices to nurture and harvest the highest-quality plants, which undergo an extraction process that preserves the natural properties of cannabis in the resulting oils.

These oils are then lab-tested to ensure they meet or exceed state safety standards


Unleashing An Experience

Our 6 different cannabis oils are designed to help you achieve particular moods and manage aspects of your life. They taste nearly or completely cannabis-free, enabling you to focus on the fusion of the dish’s flavors and the oil’s properties.

Our chefs design easy-to-make recipes to pair perfectly with each oil and to respect the requirements of cooking with cannabis. Each recipe is easy to make even for beginners; takes under 30 total minutes; and requires only the culinary supplies present in an everyday kitchen.


Get Started With Your Transformative Culinary Cannabis Experience Now!

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