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Things You Should Know about Cannabis and Exercise

Do you enjoy cannabis or cannabis oil, either as a recreational habit or something to help you manage a medical condition? Do you also enjoy exercise, or at least planning to do so in the very near future? If you said yes to both, then you should read on as we’re going to talk about some things that you should know about what happens when you combine the two. In doing so, we hope to help dispel whatever misconceptions you may have about these topics, as well as help you decide on whether or not you should combine exercising and your marijuana dosing.

Cannabis can help you focus during exercise

Whether you’re jogging round your block or the track, or you regularly pump heavy iron on a bench, then you know how important it is to have a keen sense of focus on what you’re doing. The smallest distraction could easily result in either something minor like a failed rep or a brief stumble, to something major and injurious like tripping over your legs or letting the weights drop on you. There’s also the fact that being distracted could put you off of exercising for the day, resulting in a wasted workout.

Complementing your workout with a reasonable dose of cannabis can help give you the focus you need. The psychoactivity of one of the most active ingredients in cannabis, namely THC, helps keep you razor-focused on your goals and blocks out everything else that could distract you. The high will allow you to dedicate all of your attention to what you’re doing and essentially isolate the outside world from affecting you.

Besides this, THC can also help induce that feeling of blissful euphoria that long-distance runners and strenuous bodybuilders chase after – the flood of endorphins that comes with expending your body’s energy reserves through sheer physical effort. By inducing this wonderful feeling, cannabis helps the athlete push through the burn of their exercise and achieve what they set out to do during that workout day.

Cannabis can help relieve pain and inflammation from workout injuries and strains

No matter how careful you are during your workouts or how much you warm up or cool down before and after every session, there’s always going to be the chance that you could end up injuring yourself during your exercise. It could be something as minor as a leg cramp or as serious as a pulled or torn muscle. This could not only affect the quality of your workout but also stop it entirely.

Thankfully, the other active ingredient in cannabis, namely CBD, can help with this. CBD is known to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, just like painkillers and analgesics do, so you’ll be able to push through the pain and swelling to continue your workout with a dose—or at the very least, get to a doctor or hospital and receive prompt medical attention. One great bonus to this is that CBD is not as addictive or as performance-affecting than other painkillers, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming a ruinous habit to deal with. Just make sure not to abuse CBD’s pain-relieving effects to injure yourself further, as the entire point of working out is to be healthier, not wreck your body!

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Cannabis can help you relax much easier.

Anyone worth their muscles will tell you that one of the biggest elements to successful muscle hypertrophy is getting all the sleep your body needs on a constant basis. However, many bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts often have trouble with this, what with the daily stresses of modern life that can easily keep anyone up at night. Prevent against this by enjoying a reasonable dose of medical marijuana or chowing down on some marijuana edibles to get yourself ready for bed. Not only will you have an easier time falling asleep, you’ll also wake up a lot more refreshed. This is great for muscle development as well as your overall physical and mental well-being.

Cannabis may help against brain damage from frequent concussions and trauma

Full-contact sports such as MMA, boxing and football can give you a thorough workout every time you participate. Unfortunately, they can also give you a nasty case of brain damage, especially if you find yourself often getting hit in the head every now and then. CBD found in marijuana has been found to have neuro-protectant properties, which can prevent those who regularly participate in full contact sports from suffering the debilitating effects of frequent concussions such as Alzheimer’s. Of course, it’s always much better to simply avoid the concussions in the first place, but at least you have marijuana to help.

Research And Studies Show That Cannabis May Be Able To Help With Sports Injuries


Cannabis and exercise may seem like a match made in heaven, and in some respects, it is. Its many therapeutic effects that make it a great medical treatment option also makes it an optimal workout enhancer. If you’re looking to do just that, then feel free to, but make sure to start with low doses first. You can increase your dosage the more you get used to it.

However, we do have to point out that you still have to be careful with your workouts even if you’re dosed on marijuana while doing them. Just because you’re enjoying the effects of cannabis doesn’t protect you from everything else that can go wrong during your exercises. It’s not a permit to simply throw caution to the wind and, say, start bench-pressing a hundred pounds over the maximum that you can lift.