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The Different Ways of Consuming Cannabis: Pros and Cons

Marijuana enthusiasts have their own preferences when it comes to consuming cannabis. If you’ve only just begun using cannabis, it will be helpful to know more about the different ways people consume this herb. We discuss some of them below.

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Smoking Marijuana

Blunts and Joints
A cannabis blunt is essentially marijuana that is rolled with tobacco leaf wrapper, similar to the one used in cigars. Blunts are preferred by marijuana users who also like to smoke tobacco or who love their hits flavored, as many of these products tend to be flavored.  On the other hand, most first-time marijuana users prefer to use a joint, or weed hand-rolled in a piece of paper. Unlike a blunt, a joint usually doesn’t contain tobacco, but it can be just as smelly because the odor from the burning buds and leaves tend to get on your clothes and hair.

It should be noted that smoking can have adverse effects on the body. These methods can trigger asthma attacks and allergies due to the smoke they produce. Smoking blunts, in particular, is considered the unhealthiest method of consuming cannabis because it poses long-term consequences for one’s health. Studies show that prolonged tobacco use increases your risk for diseases like cancer, respiratory ailments, and heart problems.

Cannabis Pipes, Bubblers, and Bongs
Many marijuana users prefer to use devices like pipes to smoke their weed. A pipe comprises a bowl where the weed is placed, as well as a hollow stem where the smoke is drawn. Bubblers and bongs are smoking devices that make use of water in order to purify the smoke from burning marijuana leaves and buds. “Bubblers” usually refer to the smaller variants that are easier to carry around.

Take note that pipes need the occasional cleaning to keep them in good condition, so maintenance can be a bit more tedious. Bubblers and bongs, on the other hand, filter out a lot of the toxicants which are released when weed is burned, but they can also filter out some of the cannabinoids responsible for the psychoactive effects of weed.

While these methods may seem safer compared to directly smoking blunts and joints, they can still expose you to harmful substances. This is particularly true if the weed you are using has been treated with pesticides. Some pesticides release poisonous compounds when exposed to heat. If you’re not sure if the weed you are using is free of pesticides, then you should have second thoughts about burning it using a pipe, bubbler, or bong. 

Eating Cannabis Edibles

Many people also prefer marijuana consumption that involves the digestive tract. This can done by eating cannabis-infused food (e.g. cannabutter, cannabis brownies, cannabis cookies, and so on), cannabis oil, cannabis tinctures, and other cannabis edibles. Marijuana edibles tend to provide a longer-lasting high and more potent therapeutic effects because the cannabinoids have to be processed by liver first, a process which also creates more potent secondary metabolites. However, dosing tends to be a bit more challenging with cannabis edibles.

You can either buy edibles from a dispensary, or you can prepare edibles in your own kitchen. Buying weed edibles from a dispensary is a very convenient way of consuming cannabis. The downside to this, however, is that it’s difficult to gauge the potency of the cannabis in the product since you’re not sure of how it was made. Cooking infused brownies or even full recipes in your kitchen can take a bit more effort, but this gives you the freedom to dose the food as you see fit. You can do this by adding cannabis oil or other forms of cannabis extracts as an ingredient in the recipe.

There are many ways of consuming cannabis, but eating edibles remains as the healthiest way of doing so. Infused edibles allow you to steer clear of health conditions that can be aggravated by or linked to smoking.  This, in turn, may allow you to enjoy the full effects and benefits of the plant without compromising your health.  

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