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Cannabis & Getting more relax and focus

Discover Jeff’s story and how cannabis helps him to focus.

My name is Jeff and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am a digital artist at Scanline. And I have been doing it since 20 years now.

How did you find your way to cannabis?

I didn’t find my way to cannabis, it found its way to me. Growing up in Los Angeles in the Mid Wilshire district. Amongst, I guess, a lot of the “minorities”, our uncles and our moms, all of the adults smoked it, they did it. I remember going to my friends’ houses and looking in the ashtray seeing a joint from his mom. And it was not a big deal. So, growing up with it, it was fine. It found me, I didn’t find it.

How cannabis help you being more focus and relax?

Cannabis helps me in a lot of ways, it helps me relax, think, focus and reflect life. It helps me meditate, even though I don’t meditate. I can sit there when I’m medicated and just think deeply about things in a positive way, and not feel like aggravated or anything. It helps me Zen out, take one step back, take a deep breath and just focus on thing. That’s how it helps me. It slows you down a little bit, it hopes you enjoy life, when you’re medicated, and you listen in music it sounds different that when you’re. When you’ve got your headphones, and listen into jazz or reggae or whatever you’re compassionate about. It just makes things a little bit better. Once you feel a little bit better and comfortable, then your mind is freer to just relax and just open up and see things in a different light. I remember smoking it and giggling and laughing and having a good time with my friends because we were teenagers, we were growing up we had the munchies and it was great. I’ve built a real tolerance to cannabis and have used it in a medical way for myself. Now if you’re in your late 30’s or 20’s and you want to experience what I’ve experienced, it probably won’t get that in the first run or the first go. You take some, you learn how to live with it, you learn how to deal with the medicine, the “high”. And you slowly build to that level. If you try to smoke cannabis today, you are not going to sit there and say “wow, I do feel like an artist”, probably not. It’s going to take you a little bit to get there but you will get there eventually. You just have to open your mind, relax and do it with the right person.

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What research did you do on its applications for your condition?

I have done no research on cannabis at all what so ever. My only research about cannabis is seen the people that I respected and loved growing up do it, all the adults. We always fear the drunks and the guys on harder drugs, we were all like “wow look at those dudes”, but with pot or cannabis, that never happened. So, for me growing up with cannabis pot is part of the culture. It’s like somebody and going home and having a beer, they go to a bar and have a drink. I like to go home and suck out a bowl and I think that’s perfectly find.

What would you say to people who are skeptical about cannabis benefits?

People that are skeptical about cannabis are free to be skeptical about it, it’s fine. Just don’t ruin it for others that really believe in It and like it. I don’t drink alcohol, I’m allergic to alcohol but I don’t hate on alcohol. It’s fine, everybody is free to do whatever they want. Cannabis is a plant, it’s nature. If you are going to be skeptical of it, that’s fine but just keep it to yourself. 

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Do you have any advice for people who want to try using cannabis?

People that want to try cannabis for the first time, make sure you do it with somebody that is mature and has done it before. That’s most important. The second thing is do not take more than two hits, take your two hits, sit around for about 15-20 minutes and see how it affects you. People get that mistake where the first time they try it, they want to smoke the all joint and they just like “oh my god”, bad idea. Do it with an experience person, take two hits and just relax, that’s how you should do it.