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Cannabis & Creativity and sociability

Discover Paul’s story and how cannabis helped him to enhance his creativity and sociability

My name is Paul, I’m from Torrance, California.

How did you find your way to cannabis?

I found my way to cannabis about 25 years ago when I had a nickelus tendon injury. Start taking pain pills, they didn’t work so I had a friend that asked me if I would like to try some cannabis for the pain, and I tried it and within two days, I was off to pain pills. It was the best form of medicine I had ever taken without any side effect.

How did cannabis help you with your creativity and social environment?

Cannabis helps me being more creative, it lets me tap into things that normally I think that I didn’t smoke it, my nerves and stuff would take over. The cannabis gives me a calming effect, it helps me think deeply, and it helps the creative juices flow away, so with the cannabis I believe that, in the work that I do on a daily basis, it helps me create and does not hinder what I do. Share with friends, I think what does when you’re sharing with friends, it opens up the dialogue and conversations. I also think it takes the inhibition away to make everybody feel like they have a say in a room. I also think that it takes the nervous point out of bunch of people that are getting together for the first time and allows everybody to get along perfectly.

What research did you do on its applications for your condition?

I did most of my education on cannabis through the Internet and going to local dispensaries. I found it through the Internet I was able to understand the dosing and through going to the dispensaries, they actually pinpointed what I would need for the illness that I had.

What was most surprising to you when you started using it?

Most surprising thing was the euphoric feeling. The calm it brought me, it allows me to see things in a lighter situation, not so serious.

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How are you consuming cannabis?

I consume cannabis in a few different ways, I vaporize, I use pipe and I also use smoke marijuana cigarettes, joints. The best form I believe is vaping, I think it gets into your system quicker, I think it’s instantaneous and it’s also very concealable. Nobody knows what you have right now. I think cannabis oil has a lot of good plus signs for, I think what it does for the person and allows them to get into a calmer state. I think it allows them to think clear, and I also think that it allows them to look at the world and the outside things and not be so untied about everything. Raise a level of calm I think to the everyday living.

What would you say to people who are skeptical about cannabis benefits?

Get rid of the stigma, see what this plant can do for you, it has many benefits that I think 60% of the United States have no tapped into yet.

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Do you have any advice for people who want to try using cannabis?

Educate yourself, know what you’re getting into and enjoy it. I think there is no better thing that it is better than alcohol and I think that you will find that it has medicinal qualities that a lot a of people never thought it had.