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Cannabis & Anxiety

Discover Lynde’s story and how cannabis helped her manage her anxiety.

I am Lynde Hartman, I am from southern California.

Which health issue do you suffer from?

Most recently I have suffered from the anxiety attacks, I started about 6 years ago having anxiety attacks and it landed being in a hospital couple times. Through their diagnosis I went to the psychiatrist, they put me on heavy drugs. I didn’t like the way I felt on them at all so I went forward with quitting those and started with the cannabis use and it’s been heavenly ever since. 

How did you find your way to cannabis as a treatment?

I found my way to cannabis through multiple channels. I have believed in a use of cannabis as opposed to pharmaceuticals for a very long time. In addition, when the side effects were greater from the drugs that they were giving me than anything I have had recreationally cannabis, medical marijuana’s license and started the edibles at that one time.

What research did you do on its applications for your condition?

I spend quite a bit of time researching it online and in group chats and other anxiety support groups. I spoke with many people who have been suffering from anxiety attacks for a lot longer than I had and tried to use some of their wisdom. As I have stated, I have used cannabis earlier in life for recreational use and to self-prescribe as well. So, when the anxiety attacks were coming up I just founded a natural path into utilizing the cannabis for its healing sources. 

How did cannabis help you with relieving your anxiety?

So, for me, cannabis is a simple go to situation because of the fact that if I start feeling anxious or if I start feeling stressed or if I am having a stressful wake or something, I can just go, grab a half of cookie and chill out. It helps me to sleep which usually got me passed any type of severe anxiety where the blood pressure goes up and the heart racing starts. I get to that point where I feel like “Ok, making another trip to the hospital”. I can just relax and chill out at home and I know that this is simply an anxiety attack and it’s not a heart attack so if I just can get passed the relaxation stage, and that’s what the cannabis does for me, it pushes me to that next level of relaxation where I am just not worried about that, it stops the vicious cycle.

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What was most surprising to you when you started using it?

I believe that what was most surprising to me is that cannabis now vs cannabis 30 years ago, it’s very much more specialized so I can get exactly a strain that I’m looking for to curve my anxiety. So I can curve my anxiety but still be able to function and work around the house and do tours and handle being a mom and everything else because of the fact that you no longer don’t know what you going to get. You can pick a strain and know exactly which directions that particular THC is going to work on your body and your mind

What would you say to people who are skeptical about cannabis’ benefits?

I think the biggest thing that I would offer to people who are skeptical or have decided that there are some reasons that shouldn’t trying it, is to give it a try. It is not river madness, you’re not going to become a drug addict, you’re not going end up derelict. For anxiety, what it does is it just take the edge off. And it sort of a little bit more of like having a couple glasses of wine or something but without the calories.

Do you have any advice for people who want to try using cannabis?

I think that edibles is the perfect way to try cannabis for the first time. I think that this offers you a very gentle introduction into the process of the getting stone part and which directions each of the strains will take you. I suggest that people open their mind to a new product, which is what cannabis has become in the last few years.

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