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How Cannabis Use Can Improve Your Social Lifex

Some people think that using cannabis can make a person more withdrawn, which can lead to lack of social activity and interaction. But the contrary is actually true: cannabis can help people have a more active social life. Here are the different ways cannabis use can help in this aspect:

  1. It helps reduce feelings of anxiety. For people with social anxiety, interacting with others is a very stress-inducing experience. Some even find such feelings too overwhelming, so they resort to avoidance and refrain from meeting people altogether. Many of those who suffer from this disorder are aware of how irrational it is to feel intense worry, fear, and self-consciousness prior to any social interaction. However, they can’t help their feelings and reactions to such situations.
    In order to cope, some people take marijuana to clear their mind of these negative feelings. The CBD in marijuana is said to enhance the transmission of a serotonin receptor called 5-HT1A. Serotonin is believed to regulate and affect mood, anxiety, and happiness. What CBD does is it increases the availability of serotonin in the brain, making the person less anxious. High levels of THC, on the other hand, can aggravate anxiety instead of cure it. Because of this reaction, people suffering from anxiety typically use cannabis strains or products with high CBD and low THC levels.
  2. It lessens stress and makes users feel more relaxed. Excessive stress can discourage someone from taking part in social activities. After a long, hard day at work, it’s pretty difficult to drag yourself to a dinner with friends, for example. Marijuana is not only useful in relieving negative feelings associated with anxiety; it also helps people deal with the causes and effects of everyday stress.
    The THC in marijuana has a similar structure to anandamide -- also known as the bliss molecule -- a neurotransmitter produced by the human brain. Anandamide produces a heightened sense of happiness and affects pain, appetite, and fertility. THC can bind to anandamide receptors and produce the same effects. This reaction can bring down a person’s stress level and help make them less averse to small talk and meaningful conversations. In addition to its role as a stress reliever, cannabis is also used to deal with the symptoms of depression and PTSD.
  3. It can relieve inflammation and chronic pain. Chronic pain and inflammation are just some of the things that can prevent a person from going outside the house and meeting up with people. It’s hard to think about going out of your comfort zone if you’re already suffering without moving a single muscle inside your home. Pain and inflammation are common symptoms of a myriad of diseases, but marijuana can help relieve these symptoms.
    There are plenty of anecdotes that show how marijuana can be used to relieve pain, but one study recounted by WebMD demonstrates how the substance is better than placebo when alleviating the pain felt by chronic pain sufferers. When it comes to relieving inflammation, there are studies that show that the CBD in marijuana is useful for reducing joint inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis. Once the pain and inflammation have been reduced to a more tolerable level, then the person has a better chance of enjoying new experiences and the company of others.
  4. It gives you something to talk about.
    Cannabis may be one and the same to those who are not familiar with it, but it’s actually a deep topic for those who want to know more about the cannabis lifestyle. There are a lot of cannabis strains and hybrids, and each offers a unique experience due to the different ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes in them. In addition to that, cannabis can also be used in a variety of ways, each of which produces a different effect on the user. A gathering of like-minded marijuana consumers is typically filled with conversations about their different experiences in using cannabis.
  5. You can share your experience with your friends.
    Smoking cannabis has earned a negative stigma in the past few decades, but it’s not the only way you can consume the plant. While cannabis is mostly associated with joints and blunts, it can also be used to produce a multitude of products like oil and butter, edibles, creams and lotions, and even bath bombs. These forms make marijuana acceptable to other people and more shareable with friends. Cannabis oil, in particular, can be used as regular cooking oil or ingredient for edibles and full dishes that you can bring to dinner parties. For those who are less inclined to partake in culinary activities, you can also mix the oil with lotions and creams and use that for an at-home spa party.

As always, it’s important to remember the safety rules of using cannabis if you’re planning to feature and share cannabis-infused products in an event. Keep out of trouble by following the laws regarding cannabis use and transportation in your locality. Also, make sure that everyone who’s taking part in your event -- be it a dinner, a massage party, or everything in between -- is well aware of what’s in the product and is perfectly willing to use the product even with that knowledge. This way, you and your friends can use or eat cannabis-infused items and safely enjoy all the benefits that the plant brings. 

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