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How Cannabis Can Help You Stay Active

Cannabis or marijuana is well-known for its medicinal properties. The plant has the potential to be a popular source of relief for people suffering from a wide variety of problems such as migraines, chronic pains, and even high blood pressure. Even athletes and people who want to make the most out of their physically active lifestyle have taken notice of the plant’s health benefits.

Cannabis Keeps You Going

There are several ways that cannabis can be useful to highly active people, but perhaps the most obvious is that consuming the plant can keep a person on the move for a much longer time. There are so many factors that can limit how much you can participate in a certain activity. Fatigue, muscle pain, and injuries seem to be the most common culprits, but cannabis can deal with those three factors and a lot more.

Fatigue can bring down anyone before or after intense physical activity. Feeling fatigued is understandable after exerting yourself, but it can become problematic if fatigue sets in before or during an activity. Certain types of cannabis oil have high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that can help energize the body and allow you to participate longer in physical activities. For example, the oil derived from the cannabis strain Durban Poison has been likened to espresso because of its energizing effect and the buzz you get from consuming it. Other examples of fatigue-fighting strains are Harlequin, Jillybean, and Chocolope, most of which have high concentrations of THC.

Muscle tension can also severely limit your physical activities. Tensed muscles can mean lower flexibility and even cause pain if you push yourself to keep going. Cannabis strains with high amounts of cannabidiol or CBD are especially good for loosening up muscles and relieving pain caused by muscle tension. The same muscle-relaxing properties make CBD-rich cannabis strains ideal for patients suffering from spasticity or twitching muscles. Cannabis helps reduce twitching and increases the patient’s ability to move, allowing them to perform physical activities they would otherwise be unable to do.

Other factors can cause pain that might limit your ability to stay active. Joint pain from arthritis is especially common among older people, while pain from swollen tissue caused by injuries can keep you out of the action for days. The THC in cannabis can reduce pain and inflammation by a significant amount, while the CBD limits the THC’s psychoactive effects. Performing strenuous physical activity isn't recommended, but the pain-killing effect of cannabis should be enough to let you perform mild exercises while you're recovering.

Having a physically active lifestyle also has a psychological aspect. You can be completely free from injuries or sickness and still be unable to keep an active lifestyle if you're depressed or you can't get into the right mindset. What's more, depression can also trigger other stress responses that can further prevent you from properly taking part in other physical activities. Research shows that consuming THC-rich cannabis strains can actually make people feel better. This is because THC is very similar to a chemical known as anandamide, which is produced by your own body to create a sense of bliss.

Consume Cannabis As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Cannabis after Physical Activity

Consuming cannabis after a strenuous physical workout can also give you plenty of benefits. For example, the same pain-relieving properties of marijuana that can prepare you for physical activity can also take effect and soothe tired muscles at the end of the day.

Many people who are familiar with cannabis resort to eating edibles and smoking dried weed to achieve this effect. In addition to these methods, you can also mix cannabis oil with cream or lotion to create a potent soothing salve. Cannabis-infused creams with high concentrations of CBD make great topical solutions for the quick treatment of cramps or swelling. In fact, applying marijuana topically has been a practice for hundreds of years. Ancient Egyptians and civilizations in Africa used parts of the cannabis plant or applied cannabis oil for pain relief as well as an antiseptic agent for treating wounds.

Another less known use of marijuana that can help you stay physically active is its ability to reduce the symptoms of certain skin disorders. Physical activity will expose your skin to sweat and debris, which can trigger problems such as pruritus, eczema, and other types of skin inflammation. Using ointment infused with cannabis oil, you can prevent these symptoms from interfering with your activities. Some users even make their own cannabis salve by mixing beeswax and cannabis oil so they have something they can bring with them every time they want to participate in a physical activity.

Last but not least, cannabis can be a great relaxation aid for people who have trouble "winding down" after physical activity. CBD's relaxing effect on the body reduces the time it takes to lower the heart rate and relax the muscles. Also, some studies suggest that consuming cannabis may actually help you cool down, which is great after a bout of physical activity during warmer seasons.

Consuming Cannabis the Right Way

Before you buy cannabis to improve your physically active lifestyle, you have to remember that different strains of cannabis can yield very different results. Take time to know which strains will work best given the factors that affect your physical activities. You should also remember to track how much cannabis you're consuming to make sure you're using the right dosage. This is especially important for first-time cannabis oil users because oil extracts have a stronger effect than any other form of cannabis.

Existing scientific studies have already revealed the many benefits of cannabis, but further research may bring forth even more discoveries about this versatile drug. Given enough time, people may find cannabis useful not just for staying physically active, but also for improving other aspects of their lifestyle.

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