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How Cannabis Can Help You Become More Productive

For a long time, people have known about the benefits of cannabis when used as a medical treatment. Compounds derived from medical marijuana have been shown to have positive pharmacological effects—from helping stimulate appetite among people living with HIV to reducing nausea and vomiting among cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. But did you know that weed can also stimulate creativity and productivity?

While some people claim that smoking marijuana or consuming edibles cooked with cannabis oil tend to make them feel particularly lazy, others point to cannabis as being the fuel to their creative drive and motivation. Indeed—from musicians, actors, and sports stars to writers, scientists, and tech industrialists—there’s no dearth of highly successful individuals who have never had any qualms about speaking of their love for pot. But how does it work? Let’s take a closer look. 

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An Altered State of Mind

One of the possible reasons why smoking a joint or eating weed brownies may be key to improving your productivity has something to do with the way cannabis engenders creative thinking.

As reported by Psychology Today, existing scientific literature on cannabis suggests that weed tends to produce what are known as psychotomimetic symptoms. When this happens, a person may experience an altered state of mind, which leads to that individual cutting loose from conventional patterns of thinking and being able to explore and connect apparently disparate ideas. This is a thought process that is a major element of divergent thinking and is also essential to creative thought.

Turning your creativity dial up to eleven can help you handle daily tasks with more confidence while also allowing you to find innovative solutions to particularly tricky challenges you might be experiencing. This way, you’re not only more being productive, you’re also being more imaginative.

Keeping Pain at Bay

Pain can tremendously affect not just an individual’s quality of life but also their productivity and their involvement in society. Its economic impact, as defined by its healthcare costs and the lost productivity experience by people, is likewise huge. A study funded by the Institute of Medicine Committee on Advancing Pain Research, Care, and Education estimated that the total annual cost of pain to society can be as much as $635 billion.

Indeed, it’s hard to be productive when you’re experiencing pain. Thankfully, this is another area in which cannabis can be a viable solution. After all, it’s one of the safest therapeutic options out there, as proven by a study published in the Hawaii Journal of Medicine & Public Health in 2014. According to the researchers, “cannabis is an extremely safe and effective medication for many patients with chronic pain,” adding that it’s also quite non-addicting compared to many opioids and other pain medicines available commercially.

When you’re experiencing significantly less chronic pain due to an injury or a medical condition, you’re more likely to be more productive and to be able to work harder towards achieving your goals.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Another study, this time conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago, noted that relief from stress and anxiety was another one of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis use. They found that the ingredient responsible for the effect was tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which was the primary psychoactive compound found in weed.

In fact, relaxation, stress release, and anxiety relief are among the most commonly perceived benefits of cannabis for those who use marijuana, be it in the form of a joint or a cannabis oil-infused food or drink. People have been known to use cannabis not just as relief for day-to-day stress and anxiety, but also for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, allowing them to become happier and more productive as a result.

For ages, people have been using cannabis to improve their creative drive and productivity. It is only now that science is beginning to take a closer look, but with more comprehensive studies in the future, we can hopefully shed a better light on what other wonders this herb might offer.

Research And Studies Show That Cannabis May Be Able To Help With Being Productive.