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Cooking with Cannabis Oil: 4 Tips You Should Remember

Cooking with cannabis can always be a bit tricky, especially if it’s you’re first time doing so. Just like cooking any type of recipe, aspiring cannabis chefs always have to remember things like using the proper proportions or finding the right ingredients that work well with your dish.

However, as challenging as it can be, the rewards of creating a well-made cannabis infused recipe can be quite fulfilling. And the first step in doing so is by making a good carrier ingredient like cannabis oil.

Creating Cannabis Oil

Making cannabis oil is relatively simple and doesn’t require any complicated appliances or processes. For ingredients, all you need is around 1 cup of ground cannabis flower (which can include the parts of the actual plant if you like) and 1 cup of your preferred cooking oil. Along with this, you’ll also need a strainer, a grinder (a hand grinder works best), and any one of the following: double-boiler, slow cooker, or a saucepan.

Once you have everything set, grind the cannabis but try not to grind it too finely; once you start straining the final product, any fine particles will go through the strainer and you might end up with a highly concentrated dose of cannabis oil.

Next, place the cannabis and your cooking oil into the double-boiler or slow cooker that you’ll be using. Heat it for a few hours on a low setting, taking note not to exceed 245°F. This is to avoid scorching, which will destroy the active ingredients of the cannabis.

If you’re using a double-boiler, it should take around 6 to 8 hours. Using a slow cooker, on the other hand, should take around 4 to 6 hours. If you decided to use a saucepan, it will take a considerably shorter time; around 3 hours. In any case, you can add small amounts of water to the mixture to avoid any possible scorching.

Finally, strain the oil. Any leftover plant material can be reused for other purposes if you desire. The oil’s shelf life should last at least two months, or even more with refrigeration.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you have your batch of cannabis oil on hand, here are a few helpful tips to always keep in mind when using it for cooking.

Start with Small Doses

Cooking with cannabis is far from an exact science. It’s always best to take it slow, especially if it’s a recipe that you’re trying for the first time. Until you’ve gotten the dosage right, this is the one tip that you should always keep in mind. After all, you can always gradually add more cannabis until you have the right amount that suits your purpose. If you’re ever in doubt about the dosage, you can always test the cannabis oil for its potency and work your way from there.

Choose the Right Cannabis

With various strains of cannabis available, finding one that fulfills your specific needs is an important first step. Cannabis has varying ratios of THC to CBD, and their effects vary depending on its composition. Looking to get creative? Then a sativa strain is the right way to go. If you want a more whole body experience, then going the indica route might be better.

Keep the Heat Properly Regulated

Many people tend to forget that high heat will diminish the effects of cannabis oil. As long as the infused oil isn’t cooking on a high heat, it should be able to keep its potency. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to keep the temperature from 165°F to 180°F – around the same temperature as a cup of tea or coffee.

Not Every Recipe Works with Cannabis Oil

Regardless of the type of cooking oil that you used, the end product is generally a fat or oil soluble ingredient that can be used in many ingredients. However, some recipes that don’t call for a fat-based ingredient won’t work as well with cannabis oil. Water-based recipes like wine and beer aren’t the best things to mix with this, but any type of food that uses butter or oil makes the best pairing. The traditional cannabis infused brownies is perhaps the best example, but other types of food like pasta, salad dressing, or biscuits work just as well.

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