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Consuming Cannabis: 7 Tips for First-time Weed Users

Whether it's for medical purposes or recreational use, consuming cannabis for the first time can be a very different experience for each individual. However, getting pain relief from cannabis or getting the most out of it as a recreational experience is much better if you start your cannabis consumption the right way. Here are some helpful tips on consuming cannabis to get you started.

1. Get Help

One of the biggest mistakes of first-time cannabis users is trying to do everything on their own. Some manage to do well, but it's common for first timers to commit mistakes that could ruin an otherwise good batch of weed. To make things worse, some people even make dangerous activities while high and without supervision.

If you're trying out cannabis for the first time, it's best to have someone that already has more experience with the stuff. That way, you can quickly learn how to get the most out of consuming cannabis. Properly lighting the weed, how to roll blunt, even knowing what to do in case you think you had too much - these things are much better taught than learned the hard way. Besides, consuming cannabis is a nice group activity.

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2. Choose Your Cannabis

Just like there are different kinds of wines, there are also different kinds of weed. Cannabis variants can be put under three categories: the indicas, sativas, and hybrids. The different chemical structures and combinations of terpenes found in these cannabis plant species and strains can create specific effects for most people. As such, some of these strains are often used for improving a person's attention span, others are more for relaxation, while others are a mix of both. You will have to do a bit of research to get closer to the desired effect when consuming cannabis. Quality is also an important factor, especially for first-timers. Never start with low-grade buds because they usually have twigs and seeds that you wouldn't want in there, plus the smoke can be too harsh and cause choking and chest pains. If you're on a budget, you can always start with mid-grade weed but the ideal choice is top shelf weed, which smells good, burns smoothly, and gives the best buzz.

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3. Edibles and Joints for Beginners

You got your cannabis so now it's just a matter of how you're going to consume it. You're probably familiar with people taking rips from bongs and that's actually a great way to consume cannabis, but only if you're already used to it. Beginners can easily get overwhelmed by bongs, but that doesn't mean you have to tough it out.

For first-timers, it's better to start with the easier stuff. Edibles laced with cannabis oil extract allow you to still consume weed without being exposed to smoke, which can trigger allergies and irritations. Edibles also afford first-time users a better way of controlling the amount of cannabis they consume. Cannabis oil, in particular, adds variety to the experience as this ingredient can be used in creating everything from a brownie to a full dish like what CrEATe offers to its members.

4. Prepare for the Munchies

Easily one of the most well-known effects of consuming cannabis is the increased appetite that follows afterward. While there's no concrete explanation yet, scientific research suggests that the THC in weed enhances one's smell and taste, somehow tricking the brain into thinking that you're starving. This effect is commonly known as "the munchies".

Regardless of the cause, you will likely have a case of the munchies. That means you'd want to have something to snack on nearby. A cool thing about the munchies is that the food you're eating will also have a more vivid taste and smell, thanks to your heightened sense of smell and taste. Chips and cookies are popular choices because they're easy to eat and already have distinct tastes.

5. Play Some Relaxing Music

One possible effect of consuming cannabis is increased sensory awareness. For a first-timer, having heightened senses can be overwhelming and ruin the whole experience. You need something that can help you manage the entire sessions such as a playlist of relaxing music.

Why should you go for relaxing music instead of upbeat ones? Upbeat or loud tones can sound too noisy when you're already high so you need something that's easier to adjust to. This is also why cannabis usually always goes hand-in-hand with laid-back reggae music.

6. Don't Toke and Choke

Over time, you'll be able to puff bigger clouds of smoke from a joint or a blunt, and you might be tempted to toke more frequently. If you're not used to smoking weed, big tokes could cause you to choke, or if you have a history of asthma, even trigger an attack just like when you inhale too much smoke from other sources.

In most cases, it's better to start to toke cautiously, drawing in smaller, controlled puffs. This way, you can easily gauge up to how much you can toke without irritating your throat. There's no shame in starting with thin clouds – it's way better than wasting good weed because you have to cough it all out. Drinking cold water helps relieve an irritated throat, and you'd want to have a bottle or two at hand anyway since your mouth will feel dry as you consume cannabis.

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7. Find a Place to Lie Down

After consuming cannabis, you'll likely find yourself feeling so relaxed that you might want to doze off. Unfortunately for many first-timers, that sensation could shut them down as they make their way to a bed or couch. They're also likely to knock a vase or two as they fumble along the way. It's basically like when you're drunk, but this time you're high on cannabis.

Being near a couch or bed makes things a lot safer because you can easily lie down if you need to. It also lets you consume cannabis in the most comfortable position you prefer so it's easier to relax. Last but not least, first timers might feel slightly nauseated if they're not yet used to weed; being able to lie down helps relieve that sensation and keeps them from throwing up and making a mess.

In addition to seeking expert advice on cannabis safety, it is also your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the laws in your state. In some places, for example, you might get in trouble for using cannabis in public. If you’re taking cannabis for health reasons, it goes without saying that you should consult your physician first to ensure that you will be getting as much benefit as you can from the product. These steps are necessary so that you can enjoy the experience with added peace of mind.

As the saying goes, first impressions last. The same rule applies to consuming cannabis. If you had a good time the first time around, you will be able to enjoy future batches of cannabis. Keep these tips in mind and you'd be able to experience the awesome effects of cannabis while minimizing the few annoyances that come with your regular dosage of medical marijuana or today's afternoon fix.