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9 Celebrities who Advocate Cannabis Use

Just a couple of decades ago, many people viewed cannabis as nothing more than a gateway drug — a substance exclusively used by stoners and a subject of scorn for anyone that doesn't consume it. Over the years, numerous medical studies on the benefits of cannabis and increased support for legalizing the substance have led to people advocating the use of this herb. Some of these people are well-known celebrities and their vocal support for cannabis use has played a big role in increasing the public's awareness of the benefits of using the substance.

Who are some of the celebrities that joined the fight for promoting the legalization of cannabis use? We came up with a quick list that has some of the most influential cannabis supporters today.

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1. Lady Gaga - Pop Artist

Known for her eccentric brand of entertainment, Lady Gaga is no stranger to cannabis. In the past, Lady Gaga consumed medical marijuana to help manage the pain caused by a hip injury and the surgery that followed it. Aside from consuming medical marijuana, Lady Gaga also attributes part of her success to consuming marijuana, citing that she needs to be high to be creative when working on her next hit.

2. John Legend - Singer

Singer and songwriter John Legend is very open about his support for legalizing cannabis. During an interview, he said that the government should consider ending the prohibition of cannabis and drugs in general. He also believes that the black market that arises because of the prohibition has also destroyed many communities and only contributes to the increase in crime rates.

3. Joe Rogan - Commentator

Many people know Joe Rogan and his commentaries in the MMA community but some also know him as a staunch supporter of legalizing cannabis. Joe Rogan admits that he likes to consume cannabis while working out. Joe Rogan has appeared in various documentaries and interviews that focus on the legality of cannabis and regularly talks about trying to get rid of the negative stigma associated with the herb.

4. Morgan Freeman - Actor

Known for his iconic voice and acting skills, Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman has become a voice of reason for people supporting the legalization of cannabis. Morgan Freeman openly admits that he smoked cannabis during his younger years. Today, the 80-year old actor still consumes cannabis, claiming that the substance is the only thing that offers him any relief from his fibromyalgia.

5.Rihanna - Singer

Grammy Award winner Rihanna is known for releasing multiple international hit songs, but she's also known for being an avid cannabis user. The 29-year old singer admits to smoking cannabis almost every day. She was seen several times smoking a blunt while on holiday and sporting Mary Jane-inspired outfits on some of her live performances and photos.

6. Patrick Stewart - Actor

The 76-year old British Actor Patrick Stewart has always been open about his struggles with arthritis. Last year, Stewart received legal permission to use cannabis-based products to help him manage the pain from his disease. The actor uses cannabis oil mixed with additives as an ointment as well as a medicinal spray, which he claims to have caused significant improvement in the stiffness and pain in his hands. Stewart also says that continued research on cannabis is an "important step forward for Britain" in a field "held back by prejudice, fear and ignorance".

7.Whoopi Goldberg - Actress

Grammy Award winner and television host Whoopi Goldberg is fairly outspoken when it comes to cannabis use. During her younger years, the 62-year old actress smoked cannabis for recreational purposes. These days, she consumes medical marijuana to help get rid of discomfort caused by her glaucoma. Whoopi Goldberg also founded her own company, Maya and Whoopi, which offers cannabis edibles, tinctures, and bath soaks aimed at women who want to get relief from menstrual cramps without having to deal with the familiar high acquired when consuming cannabis with high amounts of THC.

8. Jack Black - Actor

Actor and Singer Jack Black is mostly known for his comedic performances, but he is also a well-known pro-cannabis activist. Jack Black is part of the advisory board of the Marijuana Policy Project, a non-profit organization that aims for reforms on US cannabis laws. Although he says he has cut back on cannabis use since he became a father, he says he still smokes during special occasions.

9. Snoop Dogg - Rapper

One of the world's most famous rappers also happen to be one of the most vocal supporters of legalizing the use of cannabis. A self-proclaimed "potrepreneur", Snoop Dogg even has his own line of cannabis known as Leafs by Snoop and even a cannabis strain named after him. Snoop Dogg is also the founder of a major pro-cannabis lifestyle website, Merry Jane.

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