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8 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Achieve a Healthier Body

When prepared in the right way and consumed in the right amount, cannabis can actually present a host of amazing benefits to our bodies. This is why cannabis oil is currently growing in popularity; not only does it add a unique twist to ordinary baked goods, desserts, and classic recipes, it also allows consumers to take advantage of the positive effects of cannabis on their health.

For the health-conscious folks out there who are having doubts about incorporating cannabis oil into their diets, here are 8 of the many ways cannabis consumption can help keep you in tip-top shape according to science.

Consume Cannabis As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Cannabis can enhance your appetite.

This particular phenomenon is rather common knowledge, typically referenced with the rather humorous name “the munchies”. This effect is actually quite helpful for people with eating disorders or naturally low appetites, as it allows them to regulate their food intake and even make them feel hungry when necessary. Furthermore, it may contribute to the normalization of the processes in your digestive system, allowing every organ in the system to function smoothly.

2. It can also give you better sleep.

If you’re having trouble catching some well-deserved sleep, a bit of cannabis could do the trick. Known to be an effective remedy for insomnia and restlessness, cannabis oil can soothe your mind and body, allowing you to relax and putting you in the right mood and mindset to take a nice nap. As we all know, getting enough hours of sleep in a day is critical in maintaining the quality of one’s health; thus, in this case, cannabis oil consumption can have a direct impact on your overall well-being.

3. Cannabis can keep you stress-free and worry-free.

Though some people may have a difficult time believing it, stress and worry can take quite a toll on us physically, and may even lead to severe weakness or death if not dealt with immediately. The relaxing properties of cannabis grant users lasting relief from their stress and troubles, while also regulating the fear and anxiety via the receptors found in the brain.

4. Studies suggest that it could halt the spread of cancer in the body.

At the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, researchers were able to determine that the cannabinoid cannabidiol has the ability to turn off a gene called Id-1. This is significant because cancer cells tend to duplicate this particular gene more than non-cancerous cells, which in turn helps them spread throughout the body. This phenomenon was observed in breast cancer cells with high Id-1 expression levels, which became less aggressive after the administration of treatment.

5. Cannabis may also be the answer to treating assorted kinds of muscle spasms.

One of the most well-known examples of this is the case of Chaz Moore, a teenager who suffered from diaphragm spasms (also known as Leeuwenhoek’s Disease or myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter) and resorted to cannabis as a form of treatment when expensive medication was no longer cutting it. The calming effect of cannabis helps soothe the pain, and it works for various types of muscle spasms as well.

6. The chemicals in the substance may safeguard the brain from trauma and concussions.

According to a recent study in the journal Cerebral Cortex, mice that were test subjects in an experiment exhibited reduced bruising in the brain and improved healing mechanisms after they were given marijuana following traumatic injuries. Of course, further studies are required to solidify this apparent phenomenon, but it certainly looks promising.

7. It may help manage and control epileptic seizures.

For folks suffering from bouts of epilepsy throughout their lives, cannabis can be a welcome respite. A researcher from Virginia Commonwealth University observed that epileptic rats that have been given marijuana extract did not experience seizures for 10 hours. The cannabinoids found in marijuana binds to the receptors that handle relaxation and excitement, creating a means for the seizures to be controlled and even suppressed for an extended period of time.

8. Cannabis consumption can help wean alcoholics off the bottle.

Comparatively speaking, there are fewer actual health risks involved in cooking with cannabis oil than smoking marijuana, and with good reason. On the whole, however, marijuana also happens to be less addictive than alcohol, which means that it can be a reasonable substitute for the bottle, at least for people who are trying their best to quit. This is because alcoholism and other similar disorders involve disruptions in the endocannabinoid system, meaning that there’s a good chance that cannabis could be the key to making it easier for alcoholics to quit. These findings are supported by research in the online publication Harm Reduction Journal.

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Still, while the benefits of cannabis oil consumption are there, it still pays to regulate and monitor the amount of substance we add to our recipes. Remember that your goal is to live well and stay healthy, while still being able to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.