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7 Suggested Activities When You've Eaten Too Much Edibles

No matter how careful a cannabis user is, almost every one experiences the over consumption of cannabis edibles at least once. Getting down from this kind of high can be difficult to manage, especially if you don’t know what to do, and the anxiety an excessive cannabis high can bring certainly doesn’t help.

Some users think that all types of marijuana edibles have the same effect of mellowing out a person once they’re consumed. However, this kind of thinking is exactly why people can mistakenly intake too much cannabis and experience the exact opposite effect than what they were expecting.

The composition of cannabis edibles differs in both the dosage and the THC to CBD ratio that they contain. Quickly consuming edibles that are rich in THC can trigger unwelcome effects like anxiety, which can sour the experience if not handled properly.

Here are some tips in helping you get down from the high in a safe and easy manner.

1. Hydrate Yourself

The feeling of dehydration does nothing to help you keep calm. A glass of water or any beverage rich in electrolytes can go a long way in helping you keep calm. If you happen to opt for something other than water, make sure that it’s non-caffeinated and low on sugar or alcohol. Also, make sure to take small sips to keep yourself focused as you slowly come down from your high.

2. The Citrus and Black Pepper Remedy

Studies have suggested that certain consumables can help tame the effects of THC on the body. Remedies like a slice of lemon or a handful of pepper corns can give an almost immediate effect in calming a person down when experiencing anxiety from cannabis intake. This is because certain terpenes profiles in herbs, spices, and food plants activate CB2 receptors in the body to mitigate the effects of THC. Terpenes like limonene in lemons and pinene in black pepper act as a non-psychoactive anti-inflammatory once it binds to a cannabinoid receptor. Certain strains of cannabis now take into consideration the terpenes content to help balance out the psychoactive effects of THC.

3. Keep Calm and Don’t Panic

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind to avoid a panic attack. If you’re currently in a public place, try to find a safe space where you can just take a deep breath and relax. You can go home or to a friend’s place where you can center yourself and avoid getting triggered by any external stimuli. Once you’re there, you can try meditating or just sleeping off the effects of the high you’re experiencing.

4. Bring Out Your Creative Side

A good way to channel all that energy is to get creative. If you fancy yourself an artist, break out the coloring materials and try to make something beautiful out of your anxiety-fueled high. You can also try writing down your thoughts and see if that can bring out your creative writing side. Many people have used cannabis as a way to stimulate themselves into making some very inspirational materials.

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5. Walk It Off

Physical activity is another way to ride the effects of cannabis. This doesn’t require anything complex since all you need are your walking shoes and a route where you can simply enjoy a leisurely stroll. Keep a steady pace and find your inner peace as you put one foot in front of the other. The important thing to remember is that simple activities like walking can help put you in a state of mind that doesn’t focus on your anxiety.

6. Snack on Something

One of the effects of consuming cannabis edibles is getting a bad case of “the munchies”. In this case, it might actually be a good idea to give in to your cravings. The psychological effect of satisfying one’s cravings can do wonders in alleviating a person’s anxiety. It always helps to keep snacks within easy reach if you ever have too much cannabis.

7. Take a Cold Shower

Taking a quick shower to clear your head can work for a lot of things, including bringing you down from a cannabis fueled high. A cold shower triggers what is called a “dive reflex” in mammals and works to decrease your heart rate as a means of survival. The drop in temperature also allows your body to conserve oxygen and energy to slow the effects of THC.

Getting down from a high after consuming too many edibles doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. As long as you remember to keep your mind off any negative thoughts, this should prevent any anxiety attacks from triggering. Doing simple yet engaging activities is a good way to focus yourself and safely work off the excess THC in your system.

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