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5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Deal with Anxiety

It’s normal to feel nervous or antsy once in a while, but if you have a deep and frequent feeling of unease, fear, worry, stress, or other physical symptoms of discomfort, you may already be dealing with a more serious problem of anxiety. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to cope with and overcome anxiety, and one of the most revolutionary ones is through medical marijuana or cannabis.

Many individuals dealing with anxiety have reported positive benefits from ingesting medical cannabis products, such as cannabis oil. These are easily incorporated into one’s daily lifestyle, through diet for instance. You can ingest liquid cannabis products such as cannabis oil directly, such as by placing it under your tongue (called “sublingual” application). You can also mix cannabis oil with meals and food, such as salads, teas, and other edibles. 

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety by itself is not exactly a disease, but a group of mental conditions that cause distress and disrupt your normal way of life. It is not unusual to feel jitters especially in appropriate situations, but if you find yourself debilitated by fear or worry in the most mundane things, then it might be a clinical case of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can also fall into specific categories. Panic attacks, for example, are a kind of anxiety disorder that manifests a host of physical symptoms such as increased heartbeat, sweating, chest pain, and an overall feeling of terror. Social anxiety, meanwhile, is mostly related to situations where you are fearful of interacting with other people or with strangers. Phobias are also a form of anxiety disorder—from common ones such as fear of spiders and heights, to very specific and peculiar ones.

How Cannabis Can Address Anxiety

If you are dealing with anxiety and are on the lookout for new and alternative treatments to traditional pharmaceutical drugs and therapies, you might want to consider medical marijuana or cannabis. While substantial medical or academic studies have yet to establish the therapeutic effects of marijuana on diseases such as anxiety, the overwhelming number of anecdotes and reports from actual users are truly compelling.

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis can help address anxiety by relieving the symptoms and conditions related to the disorder. It can provide the following benefits that can combat anxiety:

  1. Provide a restful sleep. The right dose of marijuana provides a relaxing effect, and can thus help solve insomnia, which is one of the symptoms or related effects of anxiety on people. Medical marijuana users report a more restful, timely, and refreshing sleep, which helps them overcome mental overactivity that contribute to anxiety.
  2. Stimulate appetite and help gain weight. Those who suffer from anxiety generally lose enthusiasm for daily functions such as eating, and thus drop substantial weight due to their mental worries. Marijuana has been observed to help stimulate appetite and thus ensure that patients are nourished well. Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight is beneficial in addressing anxiety because it helps strengthen your overall immune system.
  3. Relieve pain. Anxiety can cause various types of chronic pain, such as tension headaches, stomach spasms, etc. Marijuana has been shown to soothe pain and provide an overall sense of physical well-being. It has traditionally been known to be an effective and efficient analgesic, and has actually been used by many early civilizations for this purpose.
  4. Relieve nausea and vomiting. Panic disorders usually bring about related physical reactions such as vertigo or dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Many patients report that medical marijuana helps calm the nerves and prevent such symptoms from occurring.
  5. Regulate blood pressure. Marijuana is also used by those with cardiovascular conditions, and has been seen to help keep blood pressure normal and stable. Those suffering from anxiety would often be at risk of high blood pressure and other heart malfunctions such as palpitations and chest congestion.

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Is Medical Marijuana for You?

Medical marijuana is considered as a favorable alternative treatment for anxiety disorders, but before embarking on such a decision, make sure to study all options and understand if medical marijuana is something for you. There are many ways of ingesting medical cannabis, and there is no clear-cut formulation that would work for you. Be sure to seek the advice of a medical professional who is specializing in alternative therapies such as medical cannabis.

You may find that medical marijuana alone is an effective treatment for your particular set of anxiety disorders, or it may be used in conjunction with a continuing traditional pharmacological regimen as well as with other types of approaches such as counseling or psychotherapy. Also, you need to be aware of the specific laws and regulations regarding the purchase, use, and distribution of medical marijuana or cannabis in the state that you live in. 

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