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5 Ways Cannabis Can Boost Productivity

Whenever the topic of cannabis is brought up, most people think of two things: a recreational drug well-known for its psychoactive effects, and a versatile substance with a long list of medicinal benefits. However, as cannabis becomes more readily available in the United States, people are starting to learn other things about this once controversial drug — like how it's good for making people become more productive.

Cannabis comes from the plant of the same name, more specifically, the buds of the plant. Cannabis contains unique chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are very similar to the compounds the human body produces to control certain body functions such as metabolism, heart rate, and appetite.

While there are a few dozen types of cannabinoids in cannabis, 2 of them stand out in particular: THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol. THC is the main component responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with consuming cannabis, while CBD reduces those effects and works by acting as a relaxing agent.

How does something that is either psychoactive or relaxing help people become more productive? The answer lies in the different components that can affect a person's ability to be productive: focus, creativity, motivation, and energy. As it turns out, consuming cannabis has a significant effect on the factors that these components depend on.

Important: Cannabis can help improve productivity only if taken at controlled doses. Having too much or too little of the substance can cause the exact opposite effect. While the "right" dosage depends on the person, it's safer to start with a smaller dose and gradually increase the amount of cannabis in smaller increments until the desired effect is achieved.

1. Focus

One of the biggest problems with staying productive is keeping focused. With so many things that are happening in a working environment at all times, it's easy for someone to end up being distracted by even the slightest disturbances. According to certain studies, consuming cannabis in controlled amounts can help a person stay focused. In fact, certain cannabis strains such as Sour Diesel are highly recommended for people with ADD or ADHD.

In some cases, the distraction comes from within the body. Anxiety, chronic headaches, muscle and joint pains, and general discomfort can keep a person from staying focused on the task at hand. Fortunately, there are already plenty of studies that point that marijuana is an effective drug for combating anxiety, pain and inflammation, and discomfort.

2. Creativity

A person's productivity is greatly affected by their ability to keep thinking. This is especially true for people working on mentally-intensive tasks such as accounting, graphic design, and writing. Having a mental block can easily put a stop to a person's productivity and result to a possible drop in the quality of work. There's a good reason why very few people enjoy repetitive or boring tasks.

Consuming marijuana can help stimulate the frontal lobe of the brain — the part that is most active when a person is working on a creative task. While there is still no clear explanation as to how cannabinoids can trigger a person's brain to become more creative — aside from the psychoactive effects of THC — there are already plenty of people who claim that they achieve better mental clarity after consuming cannabis.

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3. Motivation

There is a common belief that people who consume cannabis are nothing but lazy stoners. However, that statement is not 100% true. While the relaxing effects of consuming high-CBD strains of cannabis can make a person feel more relaxed, there are also studies that suggest cannabis works as a motivator. In fact, one research showed that farmers in Jamaica who consume cannabis on a regular basis tend to work harder and keep concentrating on the task after consumption.

One possible explanation to why marijuana can motivate people is related to the chemical messenger known as dopamine. Whenever a person accomplishes a certain task such as eating or learning something new, the brain is flooded with dopamine, causing a pleasurable sensation. The sensation can work as a motivator for someone to keep completing productive tasks. Consuming marijuana can cause a temporary release of dopamine, which in turn raises a person's motivation.

4. Energy

A person's energy level is directly related to a person's productivity. Simply put, the more energy a person has, the more capable he is of accomplishing a task. A person with low energy levels will usually end up working slower and for shorter amounts of time compared to someone who is feeling lively and refreshed. The concept of consuming drugs to get a burst of energy is not as uncommon as many people think. When people drink coffee to "stay up", they're just actually consuming controlled amounts of caffeine, which is well known for keeping people energized.

Consuming certain strains of cannabis such as Durban Poison (also known as the "espresso of cannabis") can also produce a similar effect. This is because of a lesser-known type of cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV. Even other strains of marijuana can help people feel more energetic; by consuming relaxing cannabis strains at the right time of the night, people find it easier to get plenty of rest in preparation for the next day.

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5. Something to Look Forward to

This is rarely mentioned as an actual benefit of consuming cannabis, but we believe this deserves a special mention. Having something to look forward to after a long day of hard work can be more than enough to keep people going. Whether it's smoked, baked, or vaped, using a cannabis session as a reward for a job well done can work wonders for some people. One can even come up with a system that treats them with "bonus" rewards such as higher-quality cannabis or bigger dosage if they perform exceptionally well.

Although there are already a lot of studies about the benefits of marijuana, experts have yet to fully understand the different cannabis effects on the human body. With each new discovery about the drug, cannabis is getting one step closer to becoming acknowledged as one of the more useful herbs around.