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5 New Ways You Can Use Cannabis Oil at Home

In the past, cannabis was mostly known for the high it gives its consumers, but these days, the plant has seen a surge in popularity thanks to countless anecdotes that highlight its medicinal qualities. The long list of benefits one can get from using cannabis has made the plant a desirable alternative to conventional medications, especially those that have strong side effects or those that are highly addictive. And because it has been legalized in many states in the country, cannabis can be accessed more easily than before.

Cannabis products come in several forms. Many people are familiar with the dried leaves of the cannabis plant, which can be smoked, and there are also cannabis-infused edibles available. However, when it comes to versatility, no other cannabis product can beat cannabis oil. How can you use cannabis oil in your home? Here are 5 different ways:

1. Topical Ointment

There are many reasons for applying topical ointments. They can be used as soothing salves, or they may contain essential oils or active ingredients that help nourish the skin. Adding cannabis oil to a topical ointment may increase its potency and effectiveness, especially if the ointment’s purpose is to relieve muscle pain or calm irritations and inflammations. The oil is absorbed by the skin, so you can immediately feel its effects.

You can craft your own cannabis-infused ointment at home by taking a homemade salve recipe and simply adding cannabis oil into the mix. Most ingredients for making homemade ointment react well when mixed with cannabis oil, so any recipe should do.

2. Moisturizing Cream

In addition to topical ointments, you can also make your own cannabis-infused moisturizing cream. According to studies, cannabis oil is good for treating skin problems such as acne and eczema. This is because cannabis oil also has antibacterial cannabinoids that limit the presence of germs or fungi on the surface of the skin.

Although most cannabis-infused creams are more fluid than ointments, these recipes still have a fairly thick consistency. Because of this quality, they may not work best with squeeze bottles and lotion pumps. For easier access, use glass jars with large openings to store your cannabis-infused moisturizing creams.

3. Cannabis Snacks

Many people are familiar with cannabis edibles like brownies or cookies. Cannabis pastries make great starter options for people who haven't tried cannabis before because it is easier to control the dosage of cannabis oil in these recipes. These consumables can be stored in the fridge so you can easily access them if you suddenly need some medical cannabis or if you simply want to share your edibles you’re your friends. Brownies or cookies also go great with almost any drink, so they also make excellent snacks.

Cookies and brownies may be the most well-known edibles, but you can actually use cannabis as an ingredient in a lot of recipes. You can drizzle the oil over salads or add it to a dip or dressing. You can even infuse it in other cooking oils like olive oil and coconut oil and use that to create more traditional recipes.

4. Massage Oil

Cannabis oils have the same consistency as the massage oils used in spas and relaxation centers. What’s more, cannabis oil has THC and CBD that can help the body and relieve pain and muscle tightness. Because cannabis can help you feel good, it can also help you get in the mood. According to research, cannabis can trigger a sense of euphoria that can make it easier for people to feel more inclined to have sex. Another study also suggests that cannabis can increase the sensitivity around the erogenous zones, resulting in more intense and pleasurable sex.

5. Cannabis Capsules

You don’t always have to cook something up just to enjoy the benefits of cannabis oil. This cannabis extract can also be consumed as it is, especially if you need to feel the effects of the plant immediately. If you want a no-fuss dosage with minimal preparation, you should consider making cannabis oil pills. By putting the oil in capsules, you'll always have a consistent dosage ready for a quick fix. Put the capsules in a pill box and you can take them like you would any other regular pill.

Take note that this way of preparing cannabis oil requires some degree of precision. You want to make sure that you're putting enough oil in the capsule to achieve the effects that you want to experience. 

Choosing Your Cannabis

Because there are dozens of cannabis strains sold as oil extracts, you might have a difficult time choosing which option is the best for you. To find out which item fits your needs, take note of the THC to CBD ratio of the product you want to buy. This ratio will help you determine the effects of the product and how much you have to use. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects, and ingesting oils with high THC levels can trigger the ‘high’ feeling marijuana is typically associated with. CBD or cannabidiol, on the other hand, is known for its relaxing effects, and using oil with high CBD ratio is more likely to cause you to relax and unwind. Take your time to research before buying. Better yet, consult a medical professional, dispensary representative, or seasoned cannabis user before choosing a particular cannabis strain, oil, or product. Finally, always follow safe cannabis consumption practices and your state’s local rules concerning using and sharing cannabis with others. 

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