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5 Considerations when Dosing Your Cannabis Edibles

There has already been a lot of research about how cannabis is a great solution for a variety of health problems. In fact, the information gathered from years of scientific testing has been instrumental in the legalization of the substance in certain areas in the United States. This resulted to the wide availability of cannabis products for both recreational and medical use. At the same time, this gave many people the opportunity to use cannabis extracts as an ingredient in their own kitchen.

These changes are all welcomed by avid cannabis consumers. At the same time, using cannabis extracts as common kitchen ingredients begs the question: how do you properly dose cannabis edibles? Cannabis oil, for one, is a versatile product that can be used in desserts and full recipes, but how can you be sure that the cannabis oil dosage in your brownies won’t result to an unpleasant experience? And if you have no prior experience in consuming cannabis, what should you look for when buying your first edible? To help you with these questions, here are some things to consider when dosing your edibles:

1. Start with a safe dosage.

When you buy marijuana edibles, you'll notice that the proper cannabis dosage will be listed as around 10mg per piece. This means there is about 10mg of THC for each serving of that particular edible. That may not seem like much, but first-time cannabis consumers should start with an even lower dosage, at around 5mg per piece.

What does this mean for you? It means you'll have to cut that serving in half and see for yourself is you can handle the effects. It takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours before you can feel the effect of THC from cannabis edibles, so wait a while before you eat another portion. If you haven’t felt any changes within this period of time or if the effect is too mild, you can go for the normal serving size.

2. Add in small increments.

After your first experience with edibles, you may want to experience a stronger, more potent high. You can easily achieve this goal by adjusting the weed oil dosage in your recipe. Alternatively, you can purchase more of the same edibles you ate when you were initially gauging your tolerance for THC.

You may be increasing the dose of the edibles you are consuming, but be careful not to go overboard. This doesn't mean you should immediately skip to 40mg servings. Take it slow and increase your intake in smaller increments; an addition of 5mg every few days should be enough.

3. Reduce your return dosage.

Maybe you’ve tried cannabis edibles a few months back and you’re thinking of returning to the fold. Normally, people would think that it is okay for them to resume using the same cannabis dosage they used before they took a break. But this may not be a good idea.

After keeping being off the substance for a long time, your body may have lost its tolerance for THC. To avoid a high that is too potent to enjoy, it is best that you consume cannabis like it’s your first time again. This means you have to start with a 5 or 10mg dosage and slowly increase the dose from there.

4. Be patient.

Many first-time cannabis users make the mistake of eating too much edibles, which can result to an unpleasant experience. This can happen even if you’re consuming edibles with a low weed oil dosage. You have to remember that it may take you a while before you can feel the effects of marijuana edibles. This is because the edibles have to go through your gastrointestinal tract before it can be processed and absorbed. Don’t be tempted to take extra servings if you’re not feeling anything yet; you may end up overwhelmed by the effects later on.

It may take a while for you to feel the effects of the THC from edibles, but it will also take a longer time for the effects to wear off. If there are still no changes after two hours, you can probably take another half serving.

5. Don't drink alcohol.

According to researchers, alcohol can affect the blood concentration of THC. If you drink alcoholic drinks while munching on edibles, you might end up getting an unpleasant experience even if you limited your THC intake. Skip the alcohol and go for something like fruit juices or tea. The increased sense of taste you'll get from the THC will make your tasty drinks taste even richer.

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On Eating Too Much Weed Edibles

Eating too much edibles can result to an unpleasant high where you may feel paranoia and anxiety, as well as lethargy. Should you feel these symptoms, the first thing you have to do is calm down. Overdosing on edibles is not lethal. You can sleep, listen to relaxing music, or watch movies to keep your mind off the negative sensations. You can also ask a pet or friend to keep you company if that will help you relax. The effects will diminish in only a few hours and won’t leave any lasting symptom.