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5 Common Misconceptions about Cannabis Culture

Marijuana has always had a bad reputation due to the many misunderstandings that surround it. Despite numerous experts and studies trying to dispel these misconceptions, decades of prejudice and conditioning make it very difficult to change people’s minds about it.

Understanding the various myths around cannabis is a good first step in moving away from the preconceived notion that it can ruin people’s lives as a prohibited substance. Here are some of the most common misconceptions surrounding cannabis culture.

1. Cannabis is a “Killer Drug”

This is probably one of the most pervasive misconceptions that have been circulating for decades. The idea that taking too much cannabis can kill you is actually false. There has never been any confirmed report of anyone dying from cannabis overdose. While it is possible for cannabis to be a contributing factor in deaths, the main cause still lies in a person’s lifestyle or negligence that leads to an accident.

The usual suspects of alcohol and tobacco rack up more statistical deaths per year but are somehow less vilified than the use of marijuana. Cases where people abuse cannabis and use it irresponsibly are much more pronounced, giving it a more critical view in the eyes of the public. Similar to alcohol and tobacco, cannabis is strictly intended to be used by responsible adults.

2. Cannabis is Completely Harmless

On the other side of the argument, it’s not correct to say that cannabis has no detrimental effects to a person’s health either. Smoking marijuana with tobacco can cause long-term damage to the respiratory system if not done in moderation. However, this can be averted by resorting to smokeless methods of consuming cannabis, such as by using cannabis oil to cook desserts and recipes. In addition, users under the age of 21 run the risk of compromising their brain’s development if they happen to use cannabis on a regular basis.

This is why it’s imperative that cannabis only be made available to adults and that it is consumed in a responsible manner. 

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3. Cannabis is a Gateway to Other Drugs

This is another popular misconception that even parents commonly tell their kids as a way to dissuade them from using cannabis. While there is certainly a portion of cannabis users that is taking stronger drugs, there has been no conclusive evidence that points to cannabis as a gateway drug.

Some studies have actually considered alcohol as a more likely gateway substance than cannabis. In fact, D.A.R.E., the largest anti-drug group in the world, has even removed cannabis from its list of gateway drugs.

4. Using Cannabis as Medicine is Just an Excuse

With the legalization of marijuana in several states, modern medicine can no longer dispute the positive effects of the plant in treating certain conditions. However, there are still some people who think that the medicinal benefits of cannabis are just a myth, and cannabis users flaunt it as a way to get their hands on the substance legally.

Many studies have already proven that prescription marijuana can be used to treat seizures in both adults and children, as well as deal with many other illnesses and diseases – from chronic pain to Parkinson’s disease.

5. Cannabis Use is “Free-for-all” in Legalized States

The framework in which cannabis was given still works strictly within the boundaries of the law. This means that, despite its legalization in states like Washington and Colorado, it is still prohibited to use cannabis in public, resell it, or bring it outside of the state border. Purchasing cannabis for personal use is done at licensed dispensaries, and buying it outside these dispensaries is considered illegal. If you plan on going to these states to get some marijuana, it’s still best to familiarize yourself with the law and how you can legally obtain it.

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