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4 Reasons Why Having Cannabis Edibles Is a Great Way to Consume Weed

Whether it’s through a joint, a bubbler, a bong, a vaporizer, or one of the many other contraptions available out there, smoking and vaping weed has been the preferred methods of consumption by many a cannabis enthusiast. However, there is also a large number of marijuana lovers who don’t like smoking weed at all. Typically, these people prefer consuming cannabis by way of noms.

Indeed, in an ever-expanding world of legalized cannabis use, marijuana edibles have emerged to become among the most popular means to consume the venerable herb. These edibles usually come in the form of traditional favorites like marijuana brownies, marijuana cookies, cannabutter, and cannabis oil, but enterprising companies like CrEATe Oil are now making more and more edible weed variants available for people who want to buy cannabis online or in specialty stores. Now you have marijuana edibles in the form of milk drinks, gummy candies, fruit treats, cereal bars, meat jerkies, luxury chocolate bars, gluten-free snacks and more importantly a full dish recipes —yes, don’t panic, it’s organic.

But what exactly makes infused edibles attractive to a lot of marijuana enthusiasts? We present you with a few points that might convince you to make the switch as well.

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The High from Marijuana Edibles Is Not Fast and Furious—It’s a Slow Caress

As detailed by this wonderfully informative video from the educational channel AsapSCIENCE, consuming marijuana as snacks creates a different kind of high compared to smoking weed. This is because the mechanism of the delivery of weed’s psychoactive components is also very different between the two methods of marijuana consumption.

When cannabis is smoked, the heat synthesizes its non-psychoactive cannabinoid component tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) into Delta-9-terahydrocannabinol (Delta-9-THC), a psychoactive compound that is responsible for the “high” that people feel when using marijuana. The THC is quickly absorbed by the lungs, traveling fast through the bloodstream and reaching the brain within minutes. This then causes a high that lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.

When cannabis is consumed as an edible, on the other hand, the THC doesn’t break the blood-brain barrier immediately because the psychoactive component still has to travel through the liver before it can reach the brain. As a result, the high doesn’t kick in until after about an hour. Moreover, the high also lasts longer. Many people report being blasted for as long as eight hours after eating marijuana edibles! 

With Edibles, Weed Consumption Can Be a More Potent Experience

Another thing to consider when eating marijuana edibles is that it can give you a stronger kind of high. Apart from its longer-lasting effect, edible cannabis can also make you feel even more stoned. This is actually another effect of THC’s rendezvous with the liver.

Because THC is metabolized by the liver into 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11 oH THC)—an even more potent compound that traverses the blood-brain barrier more easily—cannabis enthusiasts who favor edibles tend to experience an even greater level of being high.

The Therapeutic Effects of Psychoactive Snacks Work Longer

As a result of the enduring and potent high that it induces, edible cannabis also works better if you’re looking for therapeutic benefits that lasts longer. Whether you’re using cannabis for pain relief, for the management of anxiety and depression, or for the treatment of other conditions, marijuana edibles may be your best bet. The caveat, of course, is that they might not work as fast as when weed is smoked initially.

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Edible Marijuana is Healthier for Your Body

When marijuana is smoked, it is heated to a temperature of upwards of 800 degrees Celsius (1,472 degrees Fahrenheit). Compare this to just around 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit) when the herb is cooked. Obviously, cannabis is burned when it is smoked, and this process releases smoke and a slew of particulates and gases that irritate the lungs. This is another reason why you might want to choose edible marijuana instead.

Smoking weed is the consumption method of choice for many cannabis enthusiasts, but eating marijuana as pot edibles has likewise become very popular these days. While it always boils down to personal preference, remember the benefits of edible marijuana the next time you’re having difficulty choosing between smoking and eating cannabis.