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4 Basic Facts You Need to Know About Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles, also known as cannabis-infused food or simply edibles, refer to food products that have cannabis or cannabis extracts in their list of ingredients. Last year, edibles made up about 13% of all cannabis product sales, making it the second most consumed cannabis product in the country next to traditional marijuana buds. Despite the popularity of edibles, many consumers still don’t have a clear idea of what sets them apart from other cannabis products. Here are 4 basic facts that may improve your appreciation for your favorite cannabis-infused food and recipes:

  1. Eating infused edibles provides a different experience compared to other ways of taking cannabis. The way cannabis is consumed affects how the body feels its effects. Unlike smoked cannabis which is absorbed through the respiratory system, marijuana edibles are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and processed in the liver. Due to this process, it takes much longer for the body to feel the effects of ingested cannabis. The effects can kick in within 2 hours after taking the first bite and, depending on your metabolic rate and tolerance level, they may be felt for many hours afterwards. This method of cannabis consumption is recommended for people who use marijuana for pain relief because it produces a longer lasting experience.
  2. Eating edibles is the healthiest way of consuming cannabis. Smoking cannabis may look cool to many first-time cannabis consumers, but it also has negative effects on one’s health. The pollutants produced by smoking can trigger allergies and aggravate existing respiratory conditions. Prolonged use of tobacco, like those found in blunts, is found to increase one’s risk for diseases like cancer. Eating weed edibles allows you to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without exposing yourself to irritants, carcinogens, or other harmful substances. Plus, if you yourself use marijuana extracts for cooking, you can easily control the dose of cannabis oil or butter to get the experience you desire.  
  3. It’s physically impossible to eat lethal amounts of cannabis-infused food. While it is certainly possible to eat too much weed edibles, ‘overdosing’ on edibles won’t kill you. Yes, overeating may cause an unpleasant high characterized by anxiety, paranoia, and lethargy that can last for a few hours, but those are its worst symptoms. In fact, the dangers of drinking too much alcohol far outweigh the ‘dangers’ presented by eating too much infused edibles. If the high you’re having is not to your liking, the best you can do is calm down and sleep or distract yourself with entertainment while waiting for the effects to subside. You can also take note of the factors that resulted in the unpleasant high so that you can avoid them in the future.
  4. The expiration date of your edibles is determined by the fastest-expiring ingredient in the product. People often wonder how long edibles last. The answer often depends on the most perishable ingredient in the recipe. Infused food products with dairy spoil more quickly. Infused candies and other products made of cannabis extracts and pure sugar will last far longer than your latest batch of cookies. Proper storage can extend the life of your cannabis extracts and edibles. For best results, store your edibles inside an airtight container or bag, away from light or oxygen, and keep them in the freezer to preserve the taste. Just like with any food, watch out for mold and other signs of food breakdown or contamination.

In addition to these facts, it’s important to remember and follow the basic safety rules of consuming cannabis. Share your recipes and edibles, but make sure the people you’re sharing it with know exactly what’s in the product. Also, take care not to eat or transport marijuana-infused products in places where they are still not approved for use. This way, you can ensure that you and your friends can look forward to an enjoyable culinary and cannabis experience. 

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