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4 Advantages of Using Cannabis Grapeseed Oil in Your Kitchen

Using cannabis oil as a substitute for cooking oil in your recipes is a healthy way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of medical marijuana. While there may be a whole range of delicious edibles available in the market out today, nothing beats your own home-cooked meals when it comes to taste and familiarity. Plus, cooking at home helps with calorie counting too, as you won’t need to keep accounting for extra sugars and preservatives that might come with store-bought edibles.

There are quite a few cannabis oil products out there, but cannabis grapeseed oil stands head and shoulders above the rest. Here are just some of the advantages of using it in your kitchen instead of the other cannabis oil variants currently available today.

  1. It has a lighter, cleaner taste and scent compared to other oils. Any cooking oil infused with cannabis acquires not only the herb’s therapeutic and psychoactive properties, but also a hint of bitter herb flavor and scent. This will obviously color the taste of whatever is cooked using cannabis oil. To clarify the flavor palette of the finished product, it’s imperative to use an oil with a very subtle flavor. Grapeseed fits this need to a tee. This oil has an understated taste, making it a primary substitute to olive oil for salad dressings. Once infused with cannabis oil, grapeseed oil’s subtle flavor won’t complicate or ruin the taste of dish or dessert.

  2. It’s healthier. Compared to other oils commonly infused with cannabis, grapeseed oil has plenty of health benefits. For one, it has high amounts of Omega 6, which not only helps the body burn fat but also increases energy. It’s easily digestible, which is great news for people who are prone to indigestion. Grapeseed oil also aids the body in the production High Density Lipoprotein or HDL, a kind of good cholesterol that helps prevent heart disease and the accumulation of plaque in arteries and veins. Finally, it is also a great source of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, C and beta-carotene. Add all these up and you have a healthy oil that’s a perfect vehicle for delivering marijuana’s therapeutic effects.

  3. It has a high smoke point. When oil begins to smoke during the cooking process, it inundates the food with toxic fumes and free radicals that can increase a person’s risk for certain diseases and cancers. Once it reaches its smoke point, the oil begins to burn and destroy the beneficial nutrients and phytochemicals found in it. In cannabis-infused oil, this means the breakdown of helpful cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which give cannabis its effects. Grapeseed oil has a high smoke point at around 419F. This makes it perfect for sautéing and stir-frying savory dishes, as well as imparting the helpful cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

  4. It’s versatile. Grapeseed oil can also be used for other things that may not necessarily involve cooking. It contains polyphenols and antioxidants that make it an effective anti-aging solution to skin when applied topically. Combine this with an infusion of cannabis and it’ll not only give you a more supple skin, it will help calm down skin inflammations and irritations. Besides this, grapeseed oil’s high levels of vitamin E and fatty acids make it an excellent hair moisturizer that could protect against hair loss and split ends.

There you have it, all the advantages of picking cannabis grapeseed oil over all other cannabis oil variants available today. Hopefully we’ve convinced you about how not only is it healthier for you, but also much more palatable when combined with any dish you’re planning to whip up in the kitchen. 

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