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3 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Perfect for Social Events

Smoking a joint together is one of the quintessential social experiences that people from liberated societies get to enjoy. Never mind that a few studies point to the possible detrimental effects of cannabis abuse on people’s social lives—those who are accustomed to using the herb only occasionally or as particular communal situations necessitate find that marijuana is still one of the most effective emollients of social intercourse.

Whether you prefer your weed smoked, vaped, or consumed as cannabis oil or as marijuana edibles, there’s no denying the fact that the plant can really add life to social events. Here are a few reasons why this is so.

Cannabis Use Is a Lifestyle Shared by a Large Community of People

In many tolerant societies all over the world—whether it’s Colorado, Prague, or Amsterdam—marijuana use doesn’t just represent a form of recreation; it’s a culture in itself. In these places, people have the freedom to go about and explore their passion for pot without anyone batting an eye and without fear of being caught in the middle of a crazy despot’s war on drugs.  

This means that people who live and visit these places also get to meet a lot of other people who share their interest in marijuana and the 420 lifestyle. Just as a wine connoisseurs travel the world to sample the best vintages from different countries, marijuana lovers go far and wide, implanting themselves into various social situations and gatherings to explore the wondrous varieties of pot the world over.

At its core, the enjoyment of cannabis really is a big community with passionate participants who love engaging with people like themselves. And as with fandoms or niche interests, it’s so much easier to connect with other people in this community because of the shared passion for marijuana.

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Cannabis Is a Safe and Pleasant Recreational Drug

But how does cannabis compare to other psychoactive substances that are also used in many communal experiences? This question in particular pertains to products like caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and some of the more illicit drugs. Not surprisingly, one study has revealed that marijuana—with the possible exception of caffeine—may actually be the safest recreational drug available anywhere.

The researchers of the study (published in 2015 in the journal Scientific Reports) did a comparative risk assessment of drugs like alcohol, tobacco, methamphetamine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, diazepam, ecstasy, methadone, and marijuana. They discovered that marijuana is the least lethal among these substances, even tobacco and alcohol.

Indeed, when you use medical cannabis recreationally during social events, what you usually get is a pleasant high that is either wildly invigorating or satisfyingly sedating. You don’t get the same toxic shock of alcohol inebriation or the violent euphoria of methamphetamine abuse. 

Cannabis Is Highly Experiential

As the safety of responsible marijuana use is slowly being recognized around the world, the herb’s role as a catalyst of social interactions is also gradually being better appreciated.

For years now, places like Amsterdam in the Netherlands have hosted business establishments that are licensed for marijuana-based socializing. Pot clubs and “coffeeshops” in the Dutch capital cater to cannabis enthusiasts, serving products and hosting events that are aimed particularly to people who love marijuana. And with their promise of privacy and exclusivity, such places continue to enjoy high popularity, especially among individuals who want to experience using cannabis for the first time.

In the United States, recreational marijuana is also beginning to find its way into various kinds of events, from parties and festivals to weddings and conferences. A report by events news publication BizBash even took note of the rising popularity of marijuana-centered gatherings. These experiential events can take many forms, from spa treatment activations that make use of lotions and oils made from cannabidiol (CBD) oil to fine-dining events that feature cannabis-infused seven-course meals.

Indeed, cannabis is a recreational drug that makes socializing more fun and less daunting. As something that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, it will always be the perfect social lubricant that facilitates interactions between different individuals.

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