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2 Minutes Recipes To Do With Your Cannabis Oil Leftovers

We have created for you 12 recipes to do with cannabis oil that won't take you more than 2 minutes to cook! Yes, you heard correctly: 2 minutes!

We have designed these recipes to fit perfectly your daily routine and needs.

Morning | Smoothie Mix - For any smoothie or blended fruit drink

This technique could be applied to just about any smoothie or blended drink, anywhere from a banana berry yogurt mash - up to a kale spinach apple coconut green machine, CrEATe Oils can be mixed into almost any icy-blended drink.


Smoothie of choice - (banana strawberry, yogurt apple kale, berry pineapple, )

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


Blend smoothie base until a homogenous mixture is achieved, adding ice near the end to keep chilled. Measure the desired amount of Create oil, based upon how many servings your smoothie batch will make,( consider the typical pour to be about 6 -8 oz, and the typical blender top holds about 4 servings per batch, depending on preferences.) Add the Create oil at the very end of blending, making sure to fully incorporate and evenly distribute the oil. Then  serve immediately.

Morning | Bulletproof coffee - coconut oil, honey, create oil, then coffee...

Coffee with the full bodied natural fat to accentuate the bitter and acidic tastes of coffee. This technique is praised in many theories of fitness health.


Fresh brewed coffee (8 oz)

2 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp honey

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


In the base of a mug, first drop the dosage of Create oil, then the coconut oil and honey. Stir together, and then pour in hot coffee. Make sure to stir the coffee to fully incorporate the oil and sweetener. Blend in a high speed blender for about 20-30 seconds for a frothy latte.

Morning | Mostarda - jam or marmalade with fresh fruit

A versatile condiment that can be used as a sweet topping to morning toast, and could accompany many savory applications such as marinades for poultry and other meats, sweetness in salad dressings, or contrast to cured cheeses and meats.


3 Tbs - Fruit Marmalade - Apricot, or orange

3 fresh raspberries (or one strawberry)

1 dried fig

1 tsp, Whole grain mustard

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


Finely chop the fresh raspberry and fig, and mix into the other ingredients. Loosen if necessary with a touch of olive oil and salt. Spread on toast and or an english muffin with peanut butter, or a buttered biscuit...

Morning | Soft Scrambled Eggs

Either an omelette or a soft scrambled egg effortlessly combine Create oil into breakfast.


2 eggs

1 TBS butter or olive oil for cooking

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)

1 TBS finely grated cheese - swiss or cheddar


Whisk together eggs in a cereal sized bowl. Whisk until completely smooth and slightly frothy. Season with salt and pepper. Get a saute pan hot, and then turn the heat to medium low, and melt butter / oil for cooking. Once the liquid is hot, add the egg mixture and allow to set for about 5 seconds.

Scramble: Using a wooden spoon, gently stir the egg mixture as it cooks, it should pull up entirely from the bottom surface, allow it to cook gently, stirring frequently for about 45 seconds. As the egg begins to dry, add the Create oil and remove from the heat. Stir in the oil, and place egg mixture on plate, sprinkle grated cheese overtop.

Omelette: With a small rubber spatula, gently stir the bottom of the saute pan, and begin to pull up the edges of the cooked egg, allowing the raw liquid egg to run under and cook. Continue lifting the edge and allowing the raw egg to be cooked underneath. Once most of the liquid has been cooked off, (about 45 seconds later) flip the egg, turn off the heat, sprinkle overtop the cheese, and Create oil, and fold over the egg onto itself.

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During the Day | Green Goddess sauce - Herbs and avocado pulsed together for a creamy dip or salad dressing


1 ripe avocado

3 TBS . olive oil

3 TBS Sour Cream

2 TBS fresh parsley leaves

2 TBS fresh cilantro leaves

1 TBS. Lemon juice

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


In a blender or small food processor, combine the ingredients by pulsing together, with salt and pepper, 1 Tbs of olive oil and desired dosage of Create Oil. Serve cold, and keep refrigerated. Dip fresh vegetables, blanched potatoes or broccoli, chips or pretzels, crudite, or serve with salad.

Add Create oil to any salad dressing, my simply mixing in right before serving. Remember to thoroughly incorporate the Create oil into the dressing before using to dress any salad.

Simple salad dressing:  1 Tsp your favorite vinegar, a tiny pinch salt and pepper, ½ tsp mustard, then desired dosage of Create oil. Mix thoroughly, and then drizzle in 1 TBS olive oil. Add a couple drops of water and shake or stir vigorously. If desired, add a drop or two of honey.

During the Day | Smoky Spiced BBQ sauce

A versatile condiment for any creation. Great for fish and meats cooked on the grill, burgers, or sauce for a sandwich


1 TBS Ketchup

1 tsp dijon mustard

1/2 Tsp favorite hot sauce

½ tsp honey

½ tsp smoked paprika

1 lemon wedge

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


In a small bowl, combine ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, honey, smoked paprika, create oil and squeeze of one lemon wedge. Combine thoroughly with a small whisk, and enjoy on all types of applications, from pizza to sandwiches, to the grill or wherever it suits!

During the Day | Lemon Drop Tea

This is fantastic for iced tea. This recipe is for about 1 qt slightly sweetened Iced Tea, or a large mug of hot tea, about 8 oz.


2 Green tea bags (or black tea, herbal or hibiscus, mint, chamomile, any will do)

1 tsp. honey

2 wedge lemon

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


Brew tea concentrate in a separate heat proof container, and steep for 2 minutes, using just enough water to cover the tea leaves, about 6 oz.

Arrange the mug and assemble the lemon drop by combining the honey and Create oil, then twisting one lemon wedge rind to capture its oils, and then squeezing the juice of the wedge into the mug.

Pour Brewed tea into the lemon drop mug and stir to combine gently and thoroughly. then enjoy hot with a splash of water, or add ice, up to about a quart, and stir to melt and dilute. Serve with remaining lemon wedge.

During the Day | Street Style Fruit Salad

A spiced up blend of sweet and juicy tropical fruits, perfect addition to any meal or snack, a fresh version of dried mango with chili.


1 mango

2 large slices pineapple

1 small apple

2 TBS Coconut flakes - unsweetened

1 tsp mixed dark / light chili flakes / smoked paprika / cayenne

1 lemon wedge

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


Cut fruits to bite size pieces and mix together in large bowl. Mix together juice of one lemon wedge and create oil, pour over fruits and toss to coat thoroughly. Place in serving dishes and sprinkle with salt, coconut flakes and chili mixture over top.

This recipe could be used to incorporate any fruit salad, like watermelon and blueberry with strawberries, jicama avocado and peach, or even cucumbers would be good instead of the fruit and coconut.

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Evening | Tapenade

This is a great condiment for a cheese / charcuterie platter, for snacking or any sandwich spread. Refrigerate any leftovers. Any blend of olives will work, or a combination of your two favorites, be creative! An easy way to pit olives is to crush them with the palm of your hand, and then pull out the pit. This allows a variety of olives. If the olive is not soft enough to smash the pits out, you can clean the pit out  with a small paring knife, cutting around the pit gently.


1 cup pitted Kalamata olives ( or your favorite olive blend )

1 Handful parsley leaves ( about ½ a bunch

1 tsp honey

2 TBS olive oil

3 lemon wedges

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


If olives contain pits, remove them before beginning. In a small food processor, pulse together olives with the parsley, honey, olive oil, and juice of the lemon wedges. Add a pinch of black pepper and pulse until a consistent texture forms, scraping down the sides to incorporate evenly. Once desired texture is achieved, add create oil of desired dosage, one serving is about 2 - 4 TBS of tapenade. Serve with crispy bread or fresh baguette.

Evening | Chickpea hummus

This is a fantastic dip for fresh vegetables, and as a spread for sandwiches, or salads, rolls or dinner breads.


1 8 oz can chickpeas / garbanzo beans

1 tsp tahini ( or mustard if not available)

2 lemon wedges

1 small clove garlic

4 oz olive oil or

1 tsp sesame oil or coconut or whatever oil preferred

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)

3 TBS water


Rinse the garbanzo beans, and then place in a small food processor, grate the clove of garlic and then blend with sesame oil, juice and zest of lemon wedges, tahini, and olive oil until smooth, adding a TBS of water at a time to thin, alternated with oil. Scrape down the sides as it blends, about 1 minute total.

This quick dish would be great paired with a simple plate of a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, a tiny grating of garlic and lemon zest, fresh cracked pepper and nice sea salt. Gently cover the components with a fresh olive oil, and serve as a garnish to crunchy hot baguette.

Evening | Popcorn Confetti

Add a twist to the traditional with smokey dusted kernels in a buttery popcorn treat!


1 TBS nutritional yeast

1 pinch dried garlic

1 pinch smoked paprika

1 pinch milk powder

1 Bag unseasoned microwave popcorn or about ¼ cup raw dried kernels

2 TBS butter

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


Pop the popcorn, as directed in the microwave or carefully covered over the stovetop for about 2 minutes on medium - high heat, lightly coated in vegetable or coconut oil.

Combine in a small bowl yeast, dried garlic, paprika, milk powder, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Then melt butter in microwave or over the stove, once melted add Create oil, and drizzle around and over hot popped corn. Once coated evenly in butter, toss with dry blend and enjoy!

Evening | London Fog

A warming and cozy relaxing drink, this is adjustable to any level of sweetness or desired dosage.


2 Earl Grey tea bags

1 small pinch dried lavender

1 tsp honey

¼ tsp. Vanilla extract or drop of whole bean extract

¼ cup whole milk

CrEATe Oil (or other Cannabis Oil)


Warm the milk with the vanilla extract over a low flame, stirring frequently.

Brew the earl grey tea for about 2 minutes, with the lavender. Strain once strongly brewed.

In serving mug, place honey and Create oil, then pour in strained tea and combine thoroughly. Then mix in warm frothy milk and enjoy.

This type of tea - latte can be adapted to many kinds of teas, chai, and green teas can be substituted to make a different experience, as well as coconut milk can be switched out for the whole milk for different palates.

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